Erik Harbo, Operasinger   

President of the Steen Steensen Blicher Society
President of the Hegermann-Lindencrone Society, The Royal Theatre, Copenhagen
Havelodden 64, 4000 Roskilde  tlf. +45 4637 3920

Erik Harbo sings Carl Michael Bellman in the Civic Museum of Copenhagen CSKDVD1003

Concert with songs of the Swedish troubadour and poet Carl Michael Bellman 1740-1795.
For 35 Jahre Erik Harbo has sung Bellman in Denmark, in Sweden, in Germany, in Austria and in US.
A video was recorded in 1990 in the 250 years of the birth of Bellman with 17 songs.
Now it has been issued on dvd.  The only dvd in the world with Bellman's epistles and songs according to Google. It has been introduced at the Royal Swedish Embassy of Copenhagen in February 2012. Performing musicians are Lars Frederiksen, flute and Johan Poulsen, viola da gamba and double-bass.

Also available four cds with Erik Harbo.

On these cds you will find 127 wonderful Danish songs and  folksongs.  A cavalcade of Danish poetry by the best authors and composers.
Erik Harbo is accompanied by musicians  from The Royal Danish Orchestra Copenhagen (flute, violin, viola, horn,
double-bass and piano). Erik Harbo plays the guitar. 

Erik Harbo Sings Danish songs CDK 1070 und Erik Harbo Sings folk songs   CDK 1071
Erik Harbo Sings Jeppe AakjŠt  CDK 1072
Erik Harbo Sings St. St. Blicher  CDK 1073